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SDLC Phases

[SDLC Approach] or [Software Development Life Cycle]:

SDLC process stats from conception to completion of any software project. According to this approach the software development team is responsible for the whole project development life cycle. After doing SRS and requirements analysis; developers follow different models of Software development Life Cycle (SDLC) available, while the most common model is SDLC waterfall model. They divide project in different stages & phases and the output of each stage or phase becomes the input for next stage.

Prototyping is an iterative process that is part of the system or project analysis phase of the system development life cycle. Under prototyping the userís feedback required to take from a developing physical system. This helps system analysts to develop the initial set of SRS (System Requirement and Specification). properly follows SDLC approach in every phases of software development process. We test properly the outcome of every phases of development.

The Traditional SDLC Phases or Stages:

  1. Project feasibility study:
  2. Under this phase the software analysts and strategy makers establish a descriptive view of the intended project and determine its goals & objectives.

  3. Requirement specifications:
  4. Under this phase analysts refines project goals into defined functions and operation of the intended software application.

  5. System analysis:
  6. Under this phase analysts analyze the end-user information needs and prepare a solid plan.

  7. Systems design:
  8. Now the software development team describes desired features, functionalities and operations in detail, including SDLC process & screen layouts, business rules & standards, process diagrams & DFD, pseudo-code and related documentation.

  9. Implementation/ coding/ development:
  10. Under this phase the actual code is written. They divide the work in distributed fashion and assign it to the particular specialized team member.

  11. Integration and Software-Testing:
  12. Under this phase developers integrate all the modules together into a single system for special testing cases and maintenance to check errors, bugs and interoperability as per standard testing methods.

  13. Acceptance, installation, deployment:
  14. This is the final stage of SDLC life cycle. The development team puts the compiled software onto end-user unit or interface and runs targeted business.

  15. Maintenance:
  16. Under this phase or stage any changes, correction, additions, inter platform movement or say migration and porting and many more. It is the least glamorous and perhaps most important step of all, goes forever during whole system life.
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