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Google Adwords Image Ads: (Google Banner Ads)

  • Maximum size of an image ad: 50 K
  • Format supported: gif, jpg, png, swf
  • Image ads name character limit: Max. 50 Char
  • Ad or banner naming: Include Campaign name, Ad group name and image description in the name of the image file.
  • Image-Ad or Banner formats and sizes:

    Banner: 468 x 60
    Square: 250 x 250
    Small Square: 200 x 200
    Leader board: 728 x 90
    Medium Rectangle: 300 x 250
    Large Rectangle: 336 x 280
    Skyscraper: 120 x 600
    Wide Skyscraper: 160 x 600

  • Advertisers can determine the cost of image ad campaign. Generally, image ad bids are slightly higher than those for text ads while bids for individual keywords will very. Image ads pricing and text ads pricing are same. The CPM bid for placement-targeted ad is US $0.25-$100 and CPC bid is US $0.01-$100. If advertisers donít set content bids then content network bids may be different from web search bids. Advertisers can have as many image ads as they like in their account.

  • Image Ads Color Formats: CMYK color format is used in 4-color printing and is an acronym for 4 basic colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. While most of image display devices often use RGB color mode (RGB color format: Red, Green and Blue). The process by which CMYK is converted to RGB by display devices is called color-matching. Save your ad image into RGB color mode.

  • Google Adwords "Quality-Score" Factors:

    * Account History
    * Display URL CTR
    * Keyword Relevancy
    * Landing Page Revevancy
    * CTR on and Content Sites
    * Geographic Factors
    * AD Rank: [(Keyword / Ad-Group) Quality Score] X Max. CPC

  • Important Notes:

    * As CPA factors are outside of Googleís control, the Actual-CPA may exceed the Maximum-CPA or Targeted-CPA. CPA will be affected by changes to websites and ads or external factors like increased competition.
    * For search: Keyword quality score is used. Each keyword has a quality score associated with it.
    * For content: Ad-group quality score is used.

Google-Adwords Basics | Google-Adwords Experts

Google Adwords-PPC Basics
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