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Deep in Google-Adwords: (SEM and PPC for Experts)

"Google Adwords Terminology" for Experts

  • Position Preference: Means advertisers notify Google that where he would prefer his ad to show among all other ads on that particular page.

    Whenever you set a position preference for a keyword then Google will try to show your ad at that position and avoid showing it when it ranked higher or lower. If your ad finds higher positon than preferred the Adwords system automatically lower your bid to show your ad at preferred position.

    Position Preferences are not guaranteed, the usual Adwords relevancy and ranking rules apply. Setting a position preference may reduce the number of impressions and clicks advertiser receive for that particular keyword. A new column is added under keyword tag by Adwords system when you choose position preference where advertiser can set preference options.

  • Position Preference Options: The advertiser can set positions between 1 and 10+. Separate preferences can be set for all of the keywords.
    • Higher than a position (e.g. above 5)
    • Lower than a position (e.g. below 5)
    • Within a given range (e.g. from 2 to 5)
    • At an exact position (e.g. at position 5)

  • Ad Scheduling: Means advertisers notify Adwords system for certain hours or days of the week to show ads. A campaign can run as little as 15 minutes per week. Advertisers can adjust pricing (bid) for their ads during certain time period. Advertisers can set or adjust account time zone as per under My Account > Account Preferences.

  • Frequency Capping (for content network only):
    Means the advertisers limit the ads appear frequency for every unique user. It doesn’t apply to search network.

  • Demographic Bidding (for content network only): Means advertisers can set or restrict that their ads will appear to a particular age-group or to a particular gender or to a combination of both. Some Google content network sites allow demographic bidding like MySpace and Freindster. Advertisers can also set demographic bid according to age or gender or both.

  • Ad Extensions: This option is used to include relevant business information with your ad. This additional information will appear across Google and its properties. Addresses outside campaign target area will not be shown. Ad extension features are not available in all countries. There are 4 ad extension types and eligibility. Location extensions, Phone extensions, Ad site links, Product extensions.

    • Location Extensions: It is of 2 types. Business owners and non-business owners. Under business owners, local business address and phone number will be shown from Google places account like Google map and Google search network. Under non-business owners, manually entered address will be shown. Advertisers can target multiple locations within a single campaign and closest address to the user will appear in the ad.
    • Phone Extensions: Click-to-call phone number will be displayed only on iPhones and other mobile devices with full Internet browsers for applications like Google voice search, Google mobile application and Google maps for mobile.
    • Ad Site Links: Advertisers can include additional up to 4 website links on Google and its Search Network partners. This option is available globally who meets Adwords quality requirements.
    • Product Extensions: To run this extension, advertisers must have Google Merchant Center account (formally Google Base). It is currently available in the US only. Under this extension, advertisers allow to highlight their products directly on Google search ads and Google Image search ads only.

  • [Adwords Bidding Options]: There are 2 types of bidding options. Focus on clicks and Focus on conversions. Advertisers can use only one option at a time out of these two.

    • Focus-on-Clicks (for maximum CPC bid): There are 2 types of bidding. Manual bidding for clicks where advertiser can set bid manually. Automatic bidding to try to maximize clicks for target budget. Advertiser can also set CPC bid limit under automatic bidding.
    • Focus on Conversions – Conversion Optimizer (for CPA bid): In this option, advertisers have to setup conversion tracking with the help of conversion optimizer. After setting up conversion tracking, the Adwords system will generate a conversion tracking script to place within body tag of a particular page to track CPA based conversion.

Google-Adwords Basics | Image-Banner Ads

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