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Commonwealth Games 2010 - Delhi - Latest News Updates

CW Games 2010 | CW Games 2010 Events | CW Games 2010 Delhi India

Top News Story: Delhi Police ready for CWG 2010

Putting its act together

From roping in celebrities to instill road discipline, to reaching out to the citizens through Facebook and Twitter, to increasing its personnel, to adding a fleet of snazzy motorcycles, the traffic wing of the Delhi Police is putting its act together for the October 3-14 Commonwealth Games. A beginning has been made with ace batsman Virender Sehwag, whose message, "Please follow traffic rules, stick to your lane", plays in between popular songs on FM channels.

Safety awareness

"Sehwag has joined this project in educating people on traffic sense. We expect it to have an impact and people will become responsible in the coming months. We hope to get more celebrities," said special commissioner of police (traffic) Ajay Chadha. Apart from the awareness campaign, the traffic police is spreading its 'safe traffic' message through Facebook and Twitter. Delhi Traffic Police has a profile on these two websites, which is visited by many people.

Networking boost

"We have more than 6,600 followers on Facebook now. By the time the Games commence, we are expecting around 20,000 followers. We think that by opening a dialogue with people, things can work more effectively and swiftly," he added. The traffic police is beefing up to reach its sanctioned strength of 5,500 personnel before the Games, including 300 woman traffic cops, who have joined recently. In addition to this, 200 motorcycle patrols will also be added.

Dedicated to Games

This apart, there would be dedicated lanes on major roads, that connect to Games-related venues will be used by cars and buses ferrying athletes and delegates. Thirty-six roads that fall on the Games Route - from the airport to the Games Village in east Delhi - will be changed to dedicated lanes for the event The reserved lanes will be on the right side of the road and earmarked by broad blue bands that will also have the Commonwealth Games logo.

The hotspots

Among the 36 roads are Parade Road, National Highway 8 'T' point, Safdarjung Road, Lodhi Road, Aurobindo Road and Mathura Road. The traffic police plan to impose heavy fines on vehicles trespassing into the Games' lanes. For normal traffic, yellow arrows painted on the roads will indicate the alternate routes they are to take. However, traffic police say that all the Games lanes will not be blocked at the same time during the event.

Source: IANS
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